Our mission is to equip the Burundian youth with capacities and skills by leveraging entrepreneurship and technology to advance education, leadership, and practical learning experiences for youth in Burundi. We equip young people with 21st century skills, knowledge, and opportunities to better their lives and reach their full potential.

Leadership Training

Entrepreneurial skill-building

Experiential learning

Individually tailored mentorship programs

Critical thinking and problem-solving

English language acquisition

Support for both academic and extracurricular opportunities

Accessibility to a digital learning platform

We envision developing an educated and empowered generation of Burundian youth that have access to high quality academic, extracurricular, and entrepreneurial opportunities. This generation of Burundian youth can then be equipped with the resources needed to be the catalyzers of Burundi’s development.

Learning Methodology

Menya Accelerator is an education initiative that supplements Burundi’s education system by leveraging technology to deliver leadership, entrepreneurship an English curriculum, and access to a range of academic and professional development opportunities.

At Menya Accelerator, we believe in the power of holistic learning, and we deploy efforts to comprehensively impart an education where educators and trainers seek to address the theoretical, practical, social, and academic needs of our students in an integrated format. This is executed through in-person and guided theoretical programs, self-paced learning opportunities, skills building, and project-based learning activities.