The ‘end-game’ of entrepreneurial leadership is positive impact and transformation in Africa. As an entrepreneurial leader, the learner would have the self-driven mindsets, skills, and tools to have a positive impact in any setting; starting from their own lives, to the lives of peers, community, &  the world. In essence, an entrepreneurial leader is an agent for positive impact and change.

Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) is a course that explores the intersection between great leadership and successful entrepreneurship. The hallmark of the Entrepreneurial Leadership course is using experiential learning, reflection, and practical application to develop leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Being an entrepreneurial leader:

Who an entrepreneurial leader is, is informed by thought process, choices and actions. Therefore, transformation for an entrepreneurial leader starts from within. By: 

  • Understanding self 

  • Having the language, awareness

    and dedication to continuously grow 

  • Contributing to the building of strong teams

  • Understanding that leadership is about impact rather than rank

Having choices driven by your ethics and values

Doing entrepreneurial leadership:

An entrepreneurial leader is built by solving tough problems in the midst of limited resources and uncertain, complex situations

  • Developing an “I” can attitude to improve a situation, particularly by tapping into personal passions
  • Approaching any problem with a beginner’s mindset by continuously and tirelessly seeking to understand
  • Being proactively creative and action-oriented to develop solutions and create value
  • Continuously experimenting, seeking feedback & giving ownership to users to improve and adapt the solution to make it more relevant/impactful

Attaining product, market, passion fit for the solution i.e. attain evidence for viability and develop a plan that would enable a solution to create sustainable value