A helping hand for success

Convinced that mutual aid and social integration can be excellent strategies to respond to the social inequalities that are prevalent in our society, the Menya-Mentorship program aims to provide a space for exchange between equipped and experienced volunteers and young Burundians in need who wish to be mentored and coached. This space would come to alleviate the various challenges faced by this public, whether at the academic, entrepreneurial or professional levels, due to the lack of access to appropriate support and would at the same time facilitate better access to opportunities as well as the development of a more conscientious and competent Burundian youth.

Academic support

Coaching on innovation projects

Orientation & Search for opportunities

Professional integration

Why Get Involved as mentor?

To give back to your community !

To be able to contribute to the lives of young people by providing them with concrete solutions to the various problems they face, thanks to the experience and knowledge you have acquired.

To enrich yourself !

The exchanges with a mentee will certainly lead the mentor to question himself, to grow, to have a new perspective on his professional and/or personal life.

A mentorship adapted to your desires!

We plan to support young people with diverse and varied profiles. One of the key points of the mentorship program will be that it will be done according to what the mentor has to bring and to whom he wishes to bring it. Our job is to put you in touch with a young person who has needs that you can and wish to meet.

A mentorship adapted to your schedule !

The mentoring will also be done according to the availability of the mentor and the mentee and the Menya Accelerator team will be at their full disposal for any logistical and organizational questions.