Menya Accelerator introduced the Opportunities Program during our summer camp in July 2022. During this camp, participants took part in a series of workshops that introduced them to skills needed to apply to different opportunities that will be shared using the Menya opportunity sharing tool. The camp was a good opportunity for the participants not only to learn but to practice different skills critical to a successful academic and professional journey such as essay writing, resume writing, interviews, etc.

Menya opportunities program was designed to break some of the main barriers that young Burundians experience so they can compete for high-quality education globally as well as other professional opportunities that will allow them to enhance their skills, and pursue careers in different areas. Some of the main barriers include:
Menya Accelerator helps to reduce these barriers by equipping the participants with the necessary skills as well as providing guidance with the help of Burundians who have gone through a similar process. Below, the Menya Accelerator team has compiled a list of opportunities that young Burundian students and professionals could consider to further their education and professional exposure.