A space where entrepreneurship, practical learning and networks meet to develop a generation of creative thinkers that provide innovative solutions to some of the most pressing problems in Burundi.

The Journey at the accelerator begins with a comprehensive 6-week in-person make-camp where students are introduced to the thematics of Entrepreneurial Leadership and get hands-on practical experience in specific sectors aligned with their entrepreneurial sectors. This experience builds the foundations of the Menya Accelerator experience and also serves as an introduction to the different programs Menya Accelerator offers.

The journey at the accelerator ends with a 4 weeks-camp where the students’ progress is evaluated. This is the moment where students starting their entrepreneurial projects are accompanied in funding search, project implementation and scaling.
During this camp, the students who are interested in academic and professional guidance have final access to our support services, but can sign up again to be paired with a mentor if they still need it.


At the end of the make-camp, the students have pilot entrepreneurial projects that have been tested in their communities, and they use the next 40 weeks to develop their projects. During the 40-weeks, the students have access to mentors, an opportunity-sharing tool, career guidance support, and a digital learning platform. 

This bundle of services offered is designed to provide holistic support to students wishing to develop their entrepreneurial projects and those with academic and professional goals while promoting personal development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program’s cost?

The fees for the 2022 camps have been levied

Do I need to be from Burundi or Bujumbura to apply to the program?

No, but you need to guarantee that you will be present in Bujumbura during the camps.      The rest of the program can be followed remotely.

Do I need to speak English to attend the program?

No, the program’s instruction is multilingual. We have sessions that take place both in English and French. And the exchanges can happen to Kirundi when necessary.

What are the stages of application process ?

You first need to fill out and submit the digital application available on our website, or download, fill and submit your complete application to admissions@menyaccelerator.org.

The pre-selected candidates will be contacted after the application deadline for a phone interview and the admitted candidates will be contacted before or on June 10th, 2022.

Where are the camps going to take place?

The camps will take place in Bujumbura, Burundi, but the exact location will be shared with admitted candidates. All the details will be included in their admissions letter.

How many candidates will be enrolled for this year’s camp?

A total of 15 candidates will be selected for this year’s cohort.

Can I re-apply to the program if I am not successful the first time?

Yes, as long as you fit the description of the target group. You can find more information here