Victoria Ishimwe

Victoria Ishimwe identified two significant problems in her community. Firstly,  she claims that most Burundian women (88%) depend on their husbands. They do not generally have access to higher education, which does not allow them to become independent and create their projects. They also encounter issues in their homes and everyday life, such as sexual violence, domestic violence, lack of access to credit, lack of freedom of expression, etc. Her solution is to initiate an organization that frames women who suffer this kind of violence and helps them to know and defend their rights, and of course, would teach them how to have financial autonomy. It would positively impact the economy of the countries, as these women too could contribute to the development of society by earning income themselves. In addition, they could aim far in their professional life instead of limiting themselves to family life.Another issue she identified is the lack of enough sugar. To overcome this, creating a new sugar processing industry would be necessary. This industry would use sugar beet, which would be imported, less expensive, and offers a much lighter and more tasty sugar instead of resorting to sugar cane. That would, in return, meet economic agents’ consumption and production needs.