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Menya Accelerator is a not-for-profit education-centered social initiative that aims at providing high-quality education programs for youth enrolled in formal education institutions and beyond in Burundi. This initiative fosters the development of creative thinking, and the acquisition of 21st-century skills, while promoting community-building and entrepreneurship. At Menya Accelerator, we believe in the power of technology, innovation, and human-centered interventions in both our lesson delivery and practical experiences. We believe that young Burundians equipped with the right skills relevant to their local context and connected to opportunities can be the catalyzers for Burundi’s socio-economic development through community-based entrepreneurship and more.

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Menya employs a two-pronged approach to build an educated and conscious generation of Burundian thinkers and doers. We target motivated Burundian young leaders who are passionate about their communities and entrepreneurship, and provide them with educational tools focused on practical skills and the development of personal values.

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The learning experience begins with a six-week summer boot camp where each new Menya cohort of students is immersed in an intensive full-time program focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership training, and the development of practical skills in specific sectors. During the 6-weeks Bootcamp, the students engage in a range of activities that foster entrepreneurship and innovation through the development of community-relevant solutions that respond to the needs of the Burundian communities. During the camp, the students are introduced to the Menya Mentorship and Opportunities program, which will be supporting programs available for the students throughout the year. After the Bootcamp, the students are supported by coaches, mentors, and the Menya Accelerator staff in the development of their entrepreneurial projects and their establishment in the Burundian business ecosystem. Professional and academic guidance is also available for the students focused in other areas of their personal development.
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